Saturday, 5 January 2019

New year – new blogs

I notice that I have not written a blog since the end of 2017.  My last efforts were a series of 6 about the 1987 storm and what we might have learned from it.  Since then I spent 2018 focussing on managing the Trust, endeavouring to get it to a position when I could retire with as little fuss as possible. 

Theoretically at least, I should now have time on my hands, so it feels timely to re-start blogging again. 

A lot happened in 2018 – a lot of critical news about the environment.  However, with the divergence caused by various political pantomimes going on in the world, the important stuff seems to have been pretty invisible.  (With the honourable exception of BBC Sussex radio who did at least do a decent slot about a recent WWF report – of which more later!).

I was CEO for 12 years.  And it’s a strange co-incidence that the IPCC says we have just 12 years to sort out climate change (more of this in a later blog too).  With species extinctions happening far too fast and a huge reduction in the overall vibrancy of nature, this puts the time scale of necessary action into perspective.  We’re no longer talking about problems for future generations, we’re talking about here and now.  Maybe some urgency is called for….  Time to get hot under the collar!

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