Thursday 8 October 2020

Your Better Nature – Our new human story


Our world is broken. The current human story (the tale we tell ourselves of how human nature is meant to be) is toxic, suicidal and, more importantly, FALSE.  This was the premise of a series of 5 webinars entitled “Your Better Nature” that we held through September 2020. 


A strong environmental vision is vital, and effective actions to deliver it are equally important.  But what the environmental movement may have lacked is a human story, or narrative that brings these together.  A vision for a sustainable future will never be achieved if we see human nature in the same toxic way that has dominated society in recent history.  This is what our “Your Better Nature” discussions challenge.  COVID-19 has shown us that the myth of the selfish, competitive, uncaring human is just that – a myth.  When put under pressure, we do not turn into monsters, we return to our inherent caring, sympathetic better nature.  We need to develop a new story about what it means to be human. 


Our online discussions attracted more than 150 people in total and the YouTube videos have been viewed over 300 times.  This was, however, trialled on a limited audience to judge interest and get some feedback.  Indeed, the series has proved popular and the quality of the feedback is inspiring us further.  We therefore aim to develop these discussions and we are now making plans to roll it out to different audiences. 


Watch this space!


In the meantime, see the article Tuning in to Your Better Nature by Viviane Doussy in Sussex Bylines on 23rd September 2020 .


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